Prioritize What Matters Most To Your Family

Most calendars & planners only overwhelm you. So we made one that wouldn't. The Family Plan Calendar helps busy families stay intentional, organized and simple.





The Calendar For Busy Families

The Family Plan Calendar is specifically designed to help your family prioritize the things that matter most and keep you all in sync.

Keep Your Family On The Same Page.

Each calendar is big, 16 x 20 wall sized, so EVERYONE in the family can see what's going on when, where, and why. Keeping everything you care about (practical, emotional, and spiritual) all in ONE place.

Carve Out More Time As A Family Than Ever Before

Move from running through your house trying to “do all the things” to only do some of the things — the right things, and create habits and a rhythm that your kids can learn and depend on.

Make Your Family Your Top Priority

Less screen-time, more face-time. More real world learning experiences. Better sleep schedules. More intentional quiet time.


See what others are saying...

"Just What I Was Looking For
Love this calendar and it's exactly what I was hoping for to keep our family organized on a weekly basis. It's perfect for my kids to look at to see what's for dinner or what activities we have planned for the week. Now they don't always have to ask me these things but can look on the wall and see it all at a glance! The layout is great, the extra spots for prayers and thankfulness are awesome, and I love the large size! Yay!"


How the Family Plan Calendar Works


Fill The Days

Write down all your family activities & projects for the week. It’s 26 weeks long (half of the year)


Fill the special areas

Brainstorm what you will do to refresh your week, set the word of the week, menu, rewards and more!


Take Daily Action

Stay intentional, organized and simple

Want to know more about what the calendar covers or what it looks like? Take a listen to Brooke as she gives a few minute overview of how to use it and get the most out of it.

The Perfect Tool To Keep Your Family Intentional

The Family Plan Calendar helps families prioritize things that are vital to prosperity and connection:

Forming a vision
Creating a plan
Establishing clear goals
Investing in home and family
Saving time & hassle!
A family should flourish
Sparks conversations and intentionality on practical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

The Families Behind The Family Plan Calendar

We are the Pryor’s and are living as a family team on a mission in the city of Cincinnati.

Jeremy had an epiphany over two decades ago, realizing that the way we do family in the West is mostly a failed experiment, and the scriptures are calling us back to a bigger and better design. Since then we have been impacting families in the greater Ohio region for years through various projects and resources.

We are the Bethke’s — The other half of Family Teams.

We are a team of five, currently living on the tiny island of Maui in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We write books, create videos online, and host the Real Life podcast. We’ve been mentored and impacted by the Pryors and God’s design for multi-generational family teams for the past four years or so. We are also big fans of Narnia, hence why our dog is named Aslan and we have one daughter named Lucy.